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    Pull, Cinch and Save with Brawny® Essentials™ Trash Bags and Food Storage Bags! Value... It's in the bag™
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    Value is a lifestyle, even when it comes to trash bags and food storage bags. We believe in quality products at reasonable prices.
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    • Indoor Trash Bags: Handle-Lock Bags®, Drawstring, Twist Tie,
      Duoflex®, Flap Tie
    • Outdoor Trash Bags: Large Trash, Lawn & Leaf, Duoflex®
    • Food Storage: Zipper, Freezer, Slider, Plastic Wrap, Foldover
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    Discover creative uses for Brawny® Essentials™ bags that will save you time and money.
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    Email Us: kputt@twpoly.com

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    : Call us toll-free at 800-398-2247 x20, or send us mail at Trans Western Polymers, Inc./Brawny® Essentials™ Marketing, 31 Progresss Ave, Tamaqua, PA 18252.

Disclaimer: Brawny® Essentials™ Trash Bags and Food Storage Bags are manufactured by Trans Western Polymers, Inc. There is no relationship between these products and Georgia-Pacific or Brawny Paper Towel products.